Welcome to Blue Lotus Inspirations

Having grown up in Asia. I was surrounded by tastes, smells and colours of all sorts of food.
Blue Lotus Inspirations was formed in 2016 to inspire people to bring the East into their kitchens.
It provides an opportunity for people to learn both Indian and Thai cuisines.

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Thai Food

The culinary delights of Thailand have been invading the western world now for several years. Sometimes being an alternative to more familiar Far Eastern High Street Cuisines.

Thai food is lighter more aromatic and can stimulate the taste buds in so many ways that to truly understand this cuisine you have to have an insight to its complexity and yet simplicity.

Indian Foods

India is a vast country and as such has a huge diversity of food styles and flavours, depending on region, ethnicity and religion. Exploring this huge culinary continent is truly an adventure which can stimulate all of the senses, often to extreme.


A passion for foods from the East and the hospitality of Eastern Cultures combines an all enhancing experience, harmonising a fusion of the many attributes of both the West and East to heighten your senses for a true Culinary delight and experience whether the simplicity of shopping or food preparations.