For this Supper Club I have used the Monsoon Rains as an inspiration.

I use textures, flavours and colours to create an evening meal that is both aesthetically beautiful as well as being delicious.

Each dish will be presented by the chef
Menu (subject to availability of fresh ingredients)

****Chilled Glass of White Wine****

“Naam Gularb Yen”
Chilled Rose Syrup Drink garnished with Limes and Lemon

“Salat Pear”
Chilled diced Pears garnished with a Spicy Peanuts and Mint Leaves

“Gaeng Phed Ped Yang Aigoon”
Roast Duck Red Curry garnished with Grapes

“Gai Pad Prik Yuak”
Chicken Sauteed with Sweet Peppers and Onions in a blend of Oyster Sauce, Chillies and Garlic

“Edamame kub Asparagus Keav”
Edamame Beans stir fried with Green Asparagus

“Kai Chiew”
Crispy Thai Omelet with Onions, Chilies and a dash of Fish Sauce
“Khaw Hom Mali”

Steamed Jasmine Rice

“Kawprot lard Maprow haeng, nom koon”
Sweet Corn toped with Roasted Coconut and Condensed Milk

“Pholamai Haeng”
A selection of cannied fruit

**The set price is £40 per person.

**You are most welcome to bring your own wines to enjoy with the meal. We would recommend zesty fresh whites such as Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc that pair well with spicy seafood

**Please let us know of any known

**Please email us for venue and
payment details.

We look forward to entertaining you! An evening of great food and fun!